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* Effing Worms 2 *
Eat everything in this crazy monster game. As you eat you will grow. Make sure you are eating a lot often to keep your hunger meter up. The more you eat the more you will grow. After each level you can buy yourself awesome upgrades to improve the performance of your worm.
Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2
Date Added : Aug 9 |
Eat everything in this crazy monster game. As you eat you will grow.
Games Category : Scary Games | 11429 Views

Scary Maze Game Gold Scary Maze Game Gold
Date Added : Jun 9 |
Another scary maze game. If you touch the edges you will be in for a scare. Scare a little kid with this game !!!
Games Category : Scary Games | 183177 Views

Scary Room Scary Room
Date Added : May 21 |
Interactive scare click game. Click around the scary rooms of a haunted house that has not been visited for years.
Games Category : Scary Games | 304270 Views

Zomgies Zomgies
Date Added : Feb 26 |
Awesome flash graphics in this game. Run from Zomgies (Zombies) while shooting them dead, in this fun scary game.
Games Category : Scary Games | 66595 Views

Headless Horseman Havoc Headless Horseman Havoc
Date Added : Jan 6 |
Fun unique scary game. Headless horseman is out to cut off some heads. Cut as many heads off as you can before time runs out.
Games Category : Scary Games | 45825 Views

The Infection The Infection
Date Added : Nov 4 |
The infected are after you! Fun 2D style scary game that reminds me of Half Life. Be sure to conserve your ammo, you will need it.
Games Category : Scary Games | 62213 Views

Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving
Date Added : Oct 11 |
Enjoy carving your very own virtual pumpkin. Happy Halloween!!!
Games Category : Scary Games | 169718 Views

Scariest Maze Game Scariest Maze Game
Date Added : Sep 10 |
This is by far the longest most challenging maze game ever. If you can get far enough there is sure to be a scare at the end.
Games Category : Scary Games | 206323 Views

Zombie Assault Zombie Assault
Date Added : Sep 2 |
Now this is a scary game. Zombies are after you. Kill waves of blood sucking zombies, before they kill you!
Games Category : Scary Games | 41988 Views

Scary White Dot Scary White Dot
Date Added : Aug 26 |
Another fun scare prank! Click the white dot as much as possible to see a scare.
Games Category : Scary Games | 164837 Views

Jacked Up Jacked Up
Date Added : Jul 29 |
Scary Halloween game. Bounce the pumpkin as long as you can and try to collect candy corns for bonus score!
Games Category : Scary Games | 42123 Views

Scary Vision Test Scary Vision Test
Date Added : Jun 30 |
Check your vision out. How good is it really? Your vision just might scare you!
Games Category : Scary Games | 115671 Views

Scary Maze Game 2.0 Scary Maze Game 2.0
Date Added : May 3 |
Improved version of the fun classic scare game. Now with Halloween colors!
Games Category : Scary Games | 133546 Views

Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer
Date Added : Mar 29 |
Run around with a chainsaw mowing down scary blood sucking zombies.
Games Category : Scary Games | 50242 Views

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