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Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2
Date Added : Aug 9 |
Eat everything in this crazy monster game. As you eat you will grow.
Games Category : Scary Games | 11429 Views

Scary Maze Game Gold Scary Maze Game Gold
Date Added : Jun 9 |
Another scary maze game. If you touch the edges you will be in for a scare. Scare a little kid with this game !!!
Games Category : Scary Games | 183177 Views

Scary Room Scary Room
Date Added : May 21 |
Interactive scare click game. Click around the scary rooms of a haunted house that has not been visited for years.
Games Category : Scary Games | 304270 Views

Zomgies Zomgies
Date Added : Feb 26 |
Awesome flash graphics in this game. Run from Zomgies (Zombies) while shooting them dead, in this fun scary game.
Games Category : Scary Games | 66595 Views

Headless Horseman Havoc Headless Horseman Havoc
Date Added : Jan 6 |
Fun unique scary game. Headless horseman is out to cut off some heads. Cut as many heads off as you can before time runs out.
Games Category : Scary Games | 45825 Views

The Infection The Infection
Date Added : Nov 4 |
The infected are after you! Fun 2D style scary game that reminds me of Half Life. Be sure to conserve your ammo, you will need it.
Games Category : Scary Games | 62213 Views

Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving
Date Added : Oct 11 |
Enjoy carving your very own virtual pumpkin. Happy Halloween!!!
Games Category : Scary Games | 169718 Views

Scariest Maze Game Scariest Maze Game
Date Added : Sep 10 |
This is by far the longest most challenging maze game ever. If you can get far enough there is sure to be a scare at the end.
Games Category : Scary Games | 206323 Views

Zombie Assault Zombie Assault
Date Added : Sep 2 |
Now this is a scary game. Zombies are after you. Kill waves of blood sucking zombies, before they kill you!
Games Category : Scary Games | 41988 Views

Scary White Dot Scary White Dot
Date Added : Aug 26 |
Another fun scare prank! Click the white dot as much as possible to see a scare.
Games Category : Scary Games | 164837 Views

Jacked Up Jacked Up
Date Added : Jul 29 |
Scary Halloween game. Bounce the pumpkin as long as you can and try to collect candy corns for bonus score!
Games Category : Scary Games | 42123 Views

Scary Vision Test Scary Vision Test
Date Added : Jun 30 |
Check your vision out. How good is it really? Your vision just might scare you!
Games Category : Scary Games | 115671 Views

Scary Maze Game 2.0 Scary Maze Game 2.0
Date Added : May 3 |
Improved version of the fun classic scare game. Now with Halloween colors!
Games Category : Scary Games | 133546 Views

Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer
Date Added : Mar 29 |
Run around with a chainsaw mowing down scary blood sucking zombies.
Games Category : Scary Games | 50242 Views

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