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Letum Letum
Date Added : Oct 5 |
Just try to stay alive. Demons get harder and you can buy better guns when you gain more money.
Games Category : Scary Games | 7653 Views

Zombie Erik Zombie Erik
Date Added : Oct 5 |
By far the best zombie shooter game I have ever played. Great animations and graphics. Help Erik kill these evil zombies.
Games Category : Scary Games | 9318 Views

Deanimator Deanimator
Date Added : Sep 28 |
The evil dead are rising from there graves. Shoot them so the dead can R.I.P once again.
Games Category : Scary Games | 12833 Views

Super Mario Halloween Super Mario Halloween
Date Added : Sep 28 |
Ghosts have taken over the mushroom kingdom. Mario must take down Big Boo. For a Mario game this is scary.
Games Category : Scary Games | 25532 Views

Clown Killer Clown Killer
Date Added : Sep 22 |
Evil clowns are trying to kill you. Shoot them dead and try to stay alive as long as possible.
Games Category : Scary Games | 8157 Views

Zombie Grinder Zombie Grinder
Date Added : Sep 15 |
Zombie Grinder is very unique. When the rock beat is low the game is slow and when high the game runs super fast and crazy. Great zombie slaying game.
Games Category : Scary Games | 9164 Views

Doomed Doomed
Date Added : Sep 15 |
2D style Doom game. Great guns and scary music makes this a great flash game.
Games Category : Scary Games | 6243 Views

Zombie Terror Zombie Terror
Date Added : Sep 15 |
Freaky Indiana Jones type game. Watch out for whats lurking in the dark!
Games Category : Scary Games | 8864 Views

Mega Man VS Ghosts'N Goblins Mega Man VS Ghosts'N Goblins
Date Added : Sep 15 |
Classic Ghosts'N Goblins teamed up with Mega Man makes for one great scary flash game.
Games Category : Scary Games | 8443 Views

The Scary Maze The Scary Maze
Date Added : Sep 11 |
Classic scary maze prank. Go through the maze and get a scare while playing. Use this to scare little kids, works like a charm.
Games Category : Scary Games | 31031 Views

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